Galadriel's Poems 3

My Lover and My Friend

I met you once, I met you twice
Then met you once again
To another you were lover
But to me you were a friend

Some time went by and we lost touch
And then we met again
Though you were still her lover
You also were my friend

You told me of your sorrow
And that you'd not pretend
For though you were her lover
You wanted it to end

We drank a bit, we talked a bit
And 'ere that night could end
I knew you as a lover
No longer just a friend

Then suddenly you left me
No message did you send
I thought the love I gave you
Made me useless as a friend

I tried then to forget you
E'en though my heart did rend
For I missed you as a lover
But more so as a friend

Then one fine day, I saw you
And my heart began to mend
When you said "I want you, lover,
But I also need a friend"

Our love has come full circle
And I know it will not end
For I have you as my lover
And you also are my friend
(This one WAS written for my hubby -
because he was upset about the one on page 2)


Bilbo meets Gandalf

by Lee


The hobbits, Merry and Pippin, visit with Treebeard, an Ent

By Angus

Memories of Tim

God is great and God is good
But he took you sooner than he should
Twenty years old, same age as me
But your smiling face I shall not see
For how can I forget the day
They told me you had gone away?
"Oh God, please no!" my heart then cried
As they told me how your body died

The funeral home; it seemed you slept
We all just talked, or prayed, or wept
Your Mom said, and tore me in half
"I keep expecting Tim to laugh."
I sat, alone, for quite some time
While memories slid through my mind
Memories of sunny days
The farm , the fun, our foolish ways
Memories of things we'd done
The silly games when we were young
The nickname, "Tigger", that I used
The Tolkien books that we perused
The laughs, the smiles, the pain, the tears
The talks we'd had throughout the years
And all the while my poor heart cried
"It's over now.  Your cousin died."

And by the grave, my heart did grieve
To know that soon I had to leave
One last thing, as tears flowed down
I touched the box, there near the ground
And as I stood beside the grave
Lost for the one whom none could save
I knew, somehow, that pain would dim
And whispered "God, take care of him."
Then as I turned to walk away
The sun and breeze warming the day
A peaceful feeling seemed to pass
I knew that you were home, at last

Timothy James Bartlett
(6/14/61 - 9/26/81)